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I’ve been working on this on and off for a weeks. Nothing special, just some wholesome but-with-a-strong-wind-gust-wouldve-been-pinupy-girls.

No background because I’m lazy. Lined and colored in Flash.


Tonight I baked these:

And friends, these are no ordinary oversized chocolate chip cookie. No, these are much more.

I wish I could blame blurry pics on a crappy camera, but the camera's fine, it's me thats too lazy to set up a shot rightWhy yes, that unfortunately blurry picture shows an Oreo cookie inside a chocolate chip cookie. Yes, they are delicious. Decadent even. In fact I’m pretty sure I just gave myself diabetes. And they are very easy to make. In case you would like to make your own, I highly recommend the original recipe found over at

Here’s a picture I did awhile back. I did this back in winter when it was freezing, and then just kinda stopped.

also, sorry about the poor quality. Once it’s done I’ll take a better quality pic.

And, going back a little over a year ago, is this silly illustration

So, again, any tips or suggestions.

I make no guarantees that I’ll update this every day, but I will try to update at least once a week. Feel free to throw stuff at me if I start slacking off.

Camping layout
Mountain characters

So, for my first post I’m just putting up an old turnaround. I’ll try and upload some newer pictures and sketches in the next few days.  Hopefully an updated demo reel too.

Adaline Turnaround


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